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City Blend

A well-rounded blend. Complex, yet balanced.

 - Cup Characteristics: black tea notes, chocolate notes, a hint of earthy sweetness and savory spices, balanced, complex


Firehouse Blend

Our French Roast blend adds some bold sharpness to the unique qualities of an African peaberry

 - Cup Characteristics: black tea notes, chocolate notes, blackberry notes, lemony acidity, sharp, bittersweet notes, complex


French Roast Blend

A well balanced, very dark roast

 - Cup Characteristics: bold, sharp, bittersweet chocolate notes, low acidity


Gothic Blend

A full bodied, dark  blend of

French Roast and Indonesian coffees

 - Cup Characteristics: floral, earthy, woody notes, bittersweet dark chocolate notes, bold, complex


Market Blend

A blend of South and Central American coffees roasted to a medium dark or 'City Roast'.

The full bodied South American and the brightness of Centrals balance the cup

for an easy drinking coffee.

 - Cup Characteristics: Light sweet, slight fruit notes, light nutty notes. Well- rounded, good overall acidity, light to medium bodied.


NorthWest Blend

Indonesian & Central American coffees,

 roasted 'Full City', full bodied like Indonesians

yet well balanced with the bright notes of the Central Americans

 - Cup Characteristics: lemon and savory spices, earthy sweetness, chocolate notes, with a complex sparkling acidity


South Side Blend

An Indonesian coffee adds a spicy, chocolate finish to a sweet,

medium bodied Central American.

 - Cup Characteristics: sweet, a hint of dark chocolate, earthy, balanced and smooth




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